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It is common for people to think they are not ready for grab bars.  Grab bars have been in my bathroom shower since I was a young child after my fathers young friend suffered a tragic accident slipping while getting out of the shower. A slip and fall can be costly, a trip to the ER, ambulance ride, treatment, therapy.  None of these things are limited to elderly people, a slip and fall can happen to anyone at any age, therefore,  grab bar safety is for everyone.

Often times bathroom safety starts with bars around the toilet and in the shower.  If a grab bar can help prevent me from getting injured if and when I slip then it is a no brainer, I should have grab bars.  The cost of  grab bars is offset exponentially by the saving of time, money and pain or suffering avoided if  I do not fall when I slip.  Towle racks are sometimes used as a grab bars because they are already there.  This is dangerous as they are not designed to hold a persons weight, a proper grab bars should be installed.

At the toilet bars may not me necessary for people without mobility issues. When the time comes there are awesome options available.  An elevated toilet seat with handles can provide extra ease and safety.

elevated toilet seat with handles

Grab bars are for anyone, any age, any time.   The right time is now.   CAPS can provide grab bar safety equipment.

Grab bars

grab bar

The people at CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions have dedicated themselves to improving the quality of life for individuals through making improvements to the comfort and safety of people in their homes.  CAPS can provide you with recommendations for your bathroom safety.


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