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Grab Bar Installation in Southwest Florida

CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions offers quality grab bar installation throughout Southwest Florida. A lot of elderly and disabled Southwest Floridians are concerned about bathroom safety and accessibility. If you are worried about a loved one or yourself, consider having strong, supportive grab bars professionally installed.


Aging, chronic sickness, and injuries can affect balance and mobility. Slip and fall accidents can happen easily and cause serious harm. And that might lead to a loss of independence and having to leave the home you love. The good news is that the Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) specialists at CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions believe that your bathroom should be comfortable and safe, not a constant safety concern.


Our experienced bathroom safety pros will evaluate your spaces and give you expert advice about how to enhance their safety, accessibility, comfort, and aesthetics. So, if you are concerned about a loved one’s bathroom safety, please know that we are fully committed to providing more stability and balance - and the freedom to remain in your home.

Grab bar installation

Safe accessibility is a cornerstone of our business. That’s why we meet or exceed all requirements outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The skilled tradesmen at CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions use quality products from leading manufacturers like American Standard, Delta, and Kohler.


Our design experts understand how to incorporate safety and accessibility features to blend in well with your bathroom’s existing decor and ambiance.


The goal of every grab bar installation project is to minimize the disruption of your routine and lifestyle. We work efficiently and with constant attention to the smallest details to ensure the best results every time. We might make it look simple, but we never cut corners when it comes to your safety.


Every team member at CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions maintains very high work standards, and we understand that you do as well. We are never satisfied with a project until the customer is fully satisfied FIRST. That’s why our grab bar installation services are fully guaranteed.

Grab bar installation in roll-in showers

Shower and Bathtub Grab Bars


Shower and bathtub grab bars are often thought of as being solely for the elderly or disabled. That’s not correct though!

The truth is that bathrooms are the most common space for slip and fall accidents to occur for people of all ages and physical abilities.

We can all use a boost in safety! Shower and bathtub grab bars have loads of safety benefits for everyone, including:
  • Parents with children who struggle with bath time
  • Pet owners who struggle with bathing their furry friends
  • People who are naturally more cautious than most others

CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions installs shower and bathtub grab bars for ANYONE who wants or needs a little more stability in a slippery bathroom scenario!

Bathroom safety experts

The Certified Aging in Place experts at CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions proudly serve our neighbors throughout Southwest Florida in beautiful communities including Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, Venice, Sarasota, and surrounds. Our talented team of professionals has decades of combined experience in installing shower, bathtub, and toilet grab bars to enhance safety and accessibility and boost stability while in the bathroom.


Call us at 941-445-0571 or chat with us online today. One of our expert grab bar installers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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