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CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions Pool Lifts

CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions in Southwest Florida offers a diverse line of permanent and portable pool lifts. We love helping the elderly and disabled to enjoy their pools and spas when they would not otherwise be able to. Our ADA-compliant pool lifts can be fitted for both above-ground and inground swimming pools and spas.

Optional pool lift features to consider

There are various optional features of pool lifts. The primary determiner of which you may want or need will depend on the level of your physical disability.


For those with mild disabilities, like arthritis or general weakness, we offer headrests, footrests, and other support devices as necessary for pool entry and exiting.


Those with more severe disabilities, including not having full control over their limbs, may require a pool lift equipped with a full belting system with armrests as well as back, neck, and leg support.

Standard vs bariatric pool lifts

The courteous, experienced pool lift installation pros at CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions only install ADA-compliant lifts. All ADA-compliant lifts support weight up to 300 pounds. However, we also offer special Bariatric pool lifts that support individuals who weigh up to 450 pounds.

Portable or permanent pool lifts

Whether you prefer a permanently fixed-in-place pool lift or a portable one that can be put away when not in use, we have the best solution for you!

Sophisticated or subtle pool lifts

Our large selection of pool lifts comes in many styles. Some basic models are solely intended for practicality, and there are sleek models designed to accentuate your existing pool and spa decor. Our Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are waiting to help you make the best decision to meet your unique needs and desires.

Manual, hydraulic, or battery-operated pool lifts

Home pool and spa lifts from CAPS Home Accessibility and Safety Solutions are available with either manual (hand-cranked), hydraulic (powered by water pressure), or battery power sources. Our caring team can help you determine the best pool lift solution for you.

Get Started with Your New Pool Lift Design & Installation Today!

Reach out to us today at (941) 445-0571 to learn more. Our team is dedicated to helping all people with physical limitations to enjoy safer, more contented lives. We will happily visit your home and make a thorough and FREE assessment of your situation, and then give you the best advice we can to meet your needs.

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