Amazon vs Local DME Store

Amazon vs Local DME Store

Amazon is a great resource for so many items delivered right to your door, I use them frequently for products that are not readily obtained locally, it’s really amazing that so many products can be shipped so quickly, but when it comes to customer support or helping with personal or technical questions and advice it can be very difficult or even impossible¬† to get help . This can be problematic during the purchase process, that’s when it is helpful to have a store with experts in DME to provide guidance through the selection of the product you are needing, this is where the showroom becomes a great resource for customers. When it comes to Amazon vs Local DME Store, clearly a local source provides a more personable experience.


We have many customers who went through the buying process online only to find that the product isn’t really meeting their needs, some of them even ask if we will trade in on a new purchase from us.

When looking to make a purchases that is so important to health and safety it would be wise to purchase from a local Home Medical Equipment supplier with a showroom where you can receive personalized, customized home safety solutions for you.

A local dealer can also provide delivery and assembly of your products and help you with problems you may incur along the way. If it’s mobility or home accessibility you are concerned with, CAPS has solutions for you. Grab bars, ramps, bathroom safety products, scooters, reclining lift chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, just to name a few. We are here to help you make a sound and safe purchasing experience and build life long relationships.

CAPS provides much home medical equipment along with many other medical supplies such as braces, compression and diabetic socks and incontinence supplies.

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